GCH Heritage Foundation

A Neighborhood Foundation Encouraging Creative Initiatives in Health Care Programs


Our Focus

Our main focus is encouraging local organizations to develop integrated health care and social services programs that improve the health of needy children in our area.

Our Plan

GCH Heritage Foundation seeks to provide grants to qualified organizations who are interested and able to develop clinical programs and services that improve the health status of specific groups of community members who have unresolved clinical needs.  We encourage efforts that consider the continuum of care by involving multiple organizations.

  • High Quality Clinical Care
  • Comprehensive Social and Educational Services
  • Family Involvement

Our Vision

To be a catalyst that encourages and motivates organizations and people to create innovative solutions within the healthcare system which addresses the clinical and social needs of our communities.

Improve Access to Care

Promote Innovative Solutions

Address the Unmet Health Needs of Children

Encourage Family Involvement

Develop Creative Educational Programs

Share Success Stories

Who We Work With

Our intent is to support smaller local community health organizations in Western Wayne County, Michigan,  who are providing clinical and/or social services to children under the age of 18.  These organizations typically are not highly capitalized to develop new programs.  

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